This program was created in 2010 as an inter-institutional effort between the National council of deans (CONARE) the public universities and the ministry of environment and energy (MINAE).

It was created to fulfill the necessity of strengthen the capacity of adaptation and resilience in the face of more variable climate patterns and climate change, which generate extreme variations of weather and climate that impact the productivity of the agricultural sector. 

The Observatory is dedicated to investigate past and recent situations, as well as to look forward for the expectations of climate change, with the goal of preparing our society against climate adversities.

In a continuous and novel manner, the Climate Observatory provides services to the agricultural sector by educating and doing research. The assistance of our personalized technological platform seeks to support and increase the productivity of the agricultural and farming activities by promoting the adaptation and resilience towards climate change.


To contribute effectively to the improvement of the productivity of the agricultural sector through the use and application of meteorological information necessary for decision making.


To become a leader in the the subjects of climate change adaptation and resilience for the agricultural sector for Costa Rica and Central America.


  • To perform research on the subjects of climate change adaptation and resilience in agriculture.
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information through workshops.
  • To promote good agricultural practices that preserve the environment.

Contact: Irina Katchan | e-mail: Katchan@cenat.ac.cr