The national advanced computing collaboratory (CNCA) provides a place for interactions among researchers and developers of advanced computing, who apply them to natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and arts.

The CNCA participates of research projects by collaborating with Costa Rican universities, as well as the governmental and private sector.  The CNCA performs tasks of technical and scientific research, providing support for the development of computing infrastructure, training programs, management of research budgets and also encouraging the establishment of working networks.


The CNCA contributes to the national and regional development in advanced computing through scientific research, technological development and the transfer of knowledge from the academic sector to public and private sectors.


The CNCA aims to become a facilitator and expert body for scientific research and technological development in advanced computing. The CNCA seeks to support an effective transfer of knowledge from the universities into the society.

Main Goal

To encourage the identification, design, specification, budget management, the execution and evaluation of research projects or technology development projects, which are consistent with the challenges of our nation and region.

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