Environmental management is the area of CeNAT that works in collaboration with universities, CONARE, the government and the private sector, in order to articulate actions for the protection of the environment. We focus on the following topics:

  • To promote research that stimulates the use of clean and environmentally-friendly technologies.
  • To educate on the application of technological tools as the fundament for studies and actions in favor of the environment.
  • To assess the productive sector in the search for sustainable alternatives for their processes
  • To support policies that strengthen the environmental governability and laws in Costa Rica.

We provide consulting services and design sustainable alternatives for productive processes, the management of natural resources, good productive practices, specialized training and the application of new environment-friendly technologies.


  • To support the Universities on their environmental management initiatives.
  • To develop interdisciplinary environment-focused projects with other CeNAT areas.
  • To contribute to rational use of resources and food security.
  • To improve the environmental policies of Costa Rica

This area is composed of the PRIAS laboratory and two programs: the Climate Observatory and Agromatics.

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