Creation of LANOTEC

LANOTEC was founded on August 31 th , 2004, as a result of the collaboration of the Costa Rican ministry of science and technology (MICIT), the Consejo Nacional de Rectores -National Rectors Council in english- (CONARE), the Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología – National High Technology Center in English – (CeNAT), the high-tech industry sector and international collaborators such as NASA.

The first funding was provided by the CRUSA Foundation and MICIT-CONICIT, while CeNAT-CONARE assigned 300 m 2 for offices, laboratories and a clean room type 100.


LANOTEC creation strengthened the technological leadership of the country in the region. Nowadays, cutting edge facilities are devoted to the advanced study of materials and the training of human resources in micro- and nano-technologies areas. Active areas of interdisciplinary research include metallurgy, polymer science, microbiology, medicine, geophysics, among others. Furthermore, LANOTEC develops specific applications to meet the challenges of the industrial sector.

LANOTEC aims actively at creating multilateral partnerships for scientific research with institutions such as universities, foundations, private companies, NGOs and other national and international players.  To integrate the academic, public and private sectors for the development of more productive and environmentally friendly technologies. The government of Costa Rica declared Nanotechnology research of public interest on May 16 th , 2011.

LANOTEC has six action areas:

• Research

• Teaching

• Innovation and entrepreneurship

• Social

• Sports

• Arts


Our mission is to carry out research in the field of nanotechnology, contributing simultaneously to the technological progress of Costa Rica through the creation and transfer of scientific knowledge and the human resource training.


LANOTEC is a research space with the maximun respect for life, human rights and the environment. Products and processes developed in our lab must to increase life quality and decrease contamination. We focus on creating rapid transitions for ideas with the potential to be developed into business from the lab and into the markets. We expect to further develop LANOTEC into the standard for research and teaching on nanotechnology, not only in Costa Rica but also in the region.


• To perform research on micro- and nanotechnology focused on nanostructures, microsensors and advanced materials with potential applications on energy, environment, health, and information technology.

• To educate human resource on nanoscience in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

• To establish strategic alliances with high-tech industries for the development of products and services which increase the competitiveness of our country.

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