CENIBiot is attached to the National Center of High Technology (CeNAT).

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    The Foundation, in order to achieve its objectives, may carry out all the activities that derive from its nature and are compatible with the applicable regulations to legal entities. Likewise, in accordance with the provisions of article seven of the Foundations Law, the Foundation may carry out all kinds of commercial activities to increase its assets.

Groups of Interest

  • Universities
  • Government
  • Private sector

High technology center foundation

The Centro de Alta Tecnología Foundation (FunCeNAT) was created by Law of the Republic No. 7806, of May 25, 1998, to manage the resources and meet the institutional purposes of the Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología (CENAT).

Article 3: “The State and its institutions are authorized to transfer resources to Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología, of whose administration and management will be responsible the Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología Foundation.

FunCeNAT is continuously overseen by the Comptroller General of the Republic, regarding the proper management and administration of the resources received under Law 7386. Likewise, it is also audited by CONARE and has an annual external audit.

Furthermore, the Foundation has an Administrative Board, which is made up of representatives of the State higher education University Institutions (IESUE, in Spanish)the Local Government (Municipality), and the Government of the Republic. The Board appoints an executive director in charge of FunCeNAT.

It is important to indicate that when creating CENAT, within the legal context, the Chancellors of CONARE university members created, along with CENAT, the Centro de Alta Tecnología Foundation (FUNCENAT).

This foundation manages the special characteristics of CENAT in terms of its structure, as well as the foreseen legal regime. Law No. 7806 of May 25, 1998, expressly recognized FUNCENAT as the entity that would maintain the legal duty to administer the resources required for the execution of projects developed through CENAT.

Goals of the foundation

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Operational actions of the Foundation

The main operational actions carried out by the Foundation and its collaborators are focused on two transversal axes: Administration and finances


The administration refers to the attention of all CeNAT needs, as well as the attention of delegations, groups and others. Containing the following topics to his credit :

  • Board of Directors
  • Scientific Council
  • Matters related to the Foundation
  • Strategic Lines of CeNAT
  • Lab Topics
  • Human Resources
  • Legal

Financial Management

The financial axis contains accounting information and necessary information for decision-making on financial/accounting matters, investments, information related to the managed projects, and the reports and control that they entail. It is classified into the following categories:

  • Accounting
  • Investments
  • Managed Projects
  • Internal and External Control

FunCeNAT operational structure

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