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CeNAT is made up of five laboratories, each with a different study area. This allows us to maintain a high scientific presence in Latin America and the world.

Institutional indicators | 2020

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CeNAT, as an inter-university space dedicated to linking, research, and innovation, is well known for maintaining a commitment to quality, thus contributing to the construction of a production system based on knowledge, from the excellence of its researchers and in collaboration with the business, government sector, and academia sectors. .

CeNAT is a multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral instance, whose scientific research focuses on materials science and engineering, biotechnology, advanced computing, environmental management, and in the areas of science, culture, and society. .

Institutional dynamism is evident by the number of research projects, knowledge transfer actions, collaboration with universities, institutions or companies, and scientific vocations, thus favoring the development of the country. .

Eduardo Sibaja Arias


National Center for High Technology

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